Easter Saturday welcomes Miss Alderney 2022

Easter Saturday welcomes Miss Alderney 2022

After two years of no Little Miss & Master Alderney parties (due to Covid)  it all finally happened on Easter Saturday, which proved a very busy day for the new Alderney Week Team.

Party time started with the Little Miss & Master Alderney Children’s Party at the Butes Centre which was attended by a very large crowd of children –  from baby age   to 11 years.  It was all fun and games, but the highlight of this event was the election of Little Miss and Master Alderney, won by 10-year old Evelyn Benfield and  7-year old Jacob Parmentier.  Runners-up were 8-year old Saoirse Neil and 8-year old Moses Gianelli.

Winners of the Best Fancy Dress entries were Grace Chapman and Marley McAllister-Wilding.

And, after two years without a Miss Alderney, on the evening of Easter Saturday   the long-awaited Miss Alderney election took place at The Moorings . While everybody, including the contestants, danced the night away to a live band (Charlie Sherborne and the Man Feelings),  two independent judges had the onerous task of selecting  Miss Alderney 2022 and her Maid of Honour.

Miss Alderney 2022 is 16-year old Courteney Benfield. Her Maid of Honour is 16-year old Amelie Carpenter . Both were crowned by Miss Alderney 2019 Abbie Chandler. Both have been childhood friends. They are fun-loving girls, clearly enjoy each other’ s company and will make a great team during Alderney Week, when they will make numerous appearances at different events.

Courteney is currently the head girl at St. Anne’s School. Her ambition is to enter the medical profession and she has just been accepted into a Summer Medical School in Barnstable for a course taking place this July.

Amelie, her Maid of Honour,  continues her education at Guernsey Grammar School Sixth Form but would ultimately like to pursue a career as a fashion buyer.

To enter for the title, contestants were asked to text Alderney Week and tell them what they would most look forward doing as Miss Alderney.

Courteney Benfield’s response was:  To be fortunate enough to be Miss Alderney 2022 would be not only an honour but also an awesome opportunity. I would love accompanying the younger Little Miss and Master Alderney during the week. I love speaking to people and I’d enjoy putting myself out there and I’d be happy to help with any events planned. I have loved taking part in the Cavalcade Day parades (as part of the KFA) but as Miss Alderney, this would be even more special. However, my favourite part of Alderney Week has always been the torchlight procession (definitely missed it the previous 2 years!) so most of all, I would be delighted to represent the island during this to send the week off. I hope you will consider me to be the next Miss Alderney!

Courteney also loves the Harbour Festival and the Colour Festival.


Amelie Carpenter texted: I am 16, almost 17. I would love to become this year’s Miss Alderney as it has always been a childhood dream of mine. I really look forward to the opportunity of representing the island and our community, especially after the past two years of the pandemic preventing us from continuing the traditions of Alderney Week

Amelie particularly enjoys the Cavalcade, the Colour Festival and the Quarry Parties!.

“We were very happy with the number of entries and particularly the quality of entries”, said Alderney Week Team leader Vicky Chandler. “It must have been very difficult for the judges, but their decision was unanimous and we are delighted with their choice”.

The Miss Alderney appeal seems to be running in the genes: Little Miss Alderney  Evelyn Benfield is the daughter of Miss Alderney 2009 Hannah (neé Cox), and Miss Alderney 2022 Courteney Benfield is Evelyn’s cousin.

Plenty of reason for both families to celebrate and enjoy Alderney Week 2022.


To view the photos taken at both parties and at the Easter weekend which are published on our Flickr site, please click here