Alderney, 19 July 2022: With the amazing “Rock the Rock” Festival on Saturday 30 July, followed by the ever popular Victoria Street Market on Sunday 31st July, the scene is set for Alderney Week 2022 .

This year’s theme “The Greatest Show” was chosen in memory of the late Ray Parkin who was instrumental in turning Alderney Week into the Channel Islands’ biggest annual community festival.

To live up to the theme, the new Alderney Week Team, headed by Wayne and Vicky Chandler,  have pulled out all the stops and produced a spectacular programme of over 70 events taking place during this madcap week of fun and entertainment . The vast variety of events will ensure that everybody, whatever their age, is guaranteed to enjoy Alderney Week.

From live music, circus performances, dance and entertainment to fun competitions, sporting events and numerous side shows as well as art exhibitions – there will be plenty of highlights every day, especially as the popular Circus Pazaz is back this year.

And of course, there are the old favourites – the big Cavalcade, the Daft Raft Race, the Gala Spectacular, the Junior Talent Show, The Festival of Colour and the Town Takeover.  And there are also a few changes, including the Manpowered Flight which has been moved to Douglas Quay for everybody to enjoy the last day of Alderney on Braye Beach, before taking part in the Torchlight Procession and enjoying the amazing fireworks finale on the Butes.

But to pull it off, the Alderney Week Team needs volunteers who can help organise or run events or assist behind the scenes. Everybody who would like to help is guaranteed to have fun. To find out more, please join the team on Saturday 23 July from 2:00pm to 4pm at the Georgian House for a chat and a glass of something.  Or just download and complete the form below and email it to

Alderney Week relies heavily on sponsorships.  “We are so grateful to the sponsors who have already pledged their financial support and for the donations we have received.  This year we are faced with ever- increasing costs of materials, services, fireworks, marquee and equipment hire, travel and accommodation for performing artists and crew, and we hope more sponsors will come forward to support us”, said team leader Vicky Chandler. “Our printed programme will be out shortly and we are determined to bring you the Greatest Show”. Ends

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