Alderney, 8 April 2021: At the end of yet another depressing lockdown, there’s bright sunshine at the end of the tunnel and it’s good news for everybody in the Bailiwick: Alderney Week 2021 is set to go ahead! This traditional annual fun- and action-packed week of entertainment for everybody –  whatever their age – is guaranteed to lift the spirits and get everybody into the mood to celebrate. 

Alderney Week 2021 will take place from Monday 2 to Saturday 7th August.

Organised again by the same Alderney Week team as last year – Ronnie Cairnduff with the help of his team mates Lee Flewitt, Ilona Soane-Sands, Sam Gaudion, Nigel Vooght and Donald Hughes    –  the theme for this year’s event is                                 


“Emphasis is on fun, adventure and joie de vivre – everything we have been looking for since the lockdown”, said Alderney Week Team leader Ronnie Cairnduff. “And this year’s theme will provide plenty of scope for floats and costumes. As we all know: life on Alderney is full of adventures – past, present and future.”   

Over the next month the Alderney Week team will be working on the programme of events which will kick off on Monday 2 August with Cavalcade Day and the lively and colourful Cavalcade Parade. 

In addition to many of the traditional popular favourites – such as the Daft Raft Race, Strongman and Strongwoman contests, a Mini Gala Night, the Harbour Festival and the ultimate Torchlight Procession and amazing fireworks, the programme is expected to feature several new events and local and visiting musicians and bands will be providing great live music. And, if anybody would like to suggest any new feasible events, please email with your ideas.

Alderney Week will again be preceded by the popular fundraising “Rock-the-Rock” Music Festival on Saturday 31 July, organised by the Alderney Rock Trust and it is hoped that a Victoria Street Market can be organised for Sunday 1 August. 

The Alderney Week Team will be working closely with the island’s main event organisers: The Alderney Wildlife Trust, VisitAlderney, The Alderney Bird Observatory, the Football Club, the Rugby Club, the RNLI, the Sailing Club, the Alderney Railway Society, the Alderney Theatre Group , the Alderney Rotary Club and other individual organisers, inviting them to host or help organise events.                                                                                                                                 

Wanted: Miss Alderney 2021

“Sadly, last year Covid restrictions prevented us from organising a Miss Alderney party in time for Alderney Week and Alderney Week 2020 had to go ahead without a Miss Alderney”, said Ronnie. “However, we invited all previous Miss Alderneys to take part in the Cavalcade wearing their sashes and crowns and we invited the wonderful Dr. Nicola Brink, who had seen us safely through this difficult Covid period, to join some 30 former Miss Alderneys as our Honorary Miss Alderney 2020. “  

This year Alderney Week is looking forward to Miss Alderney 2021 heading the parade. She will be accompanied by her Consort, as well as a Little Miss and a Master Alderney.   

On Saturday afternoon 24 July it’s party time at The Moorings where Little Miss and Master Alderney will be chosen during a special children’s party. And that evening, at a special Miss Alderney Disco Party, Miss Alderney 2021 and her Consort will be elected and crowned. More details about both events will be publicised closer to the date.

COVID Rules and Restrictions

Like last year, the Alderney Week Team will work closely with the authorities to comply with all current restrictions and regulations. “Regrettably, at this stage, this means only residents within the Bailiwick Bubble will be able to join us and we very much look forward to welcoming you to this 73rd Alderney Week”, says Ronnie Cairnduff.  “It’s a great way for our visitors to discover and enjoy Alderney as a happy and fun-filled island. We hope travel and quarantine restrictions may be lifted in time for the festival to be  joined by people from further afield”.

More details of the programme of events will be announced regularly and updates will be published on our website and on our Facebook page. ENDS

For photographs of Alderney Week 2020, please visit our Flickr site and feel free to download. Here’s the link: