Annual Events

Cavalcade Day

Alderney Week commences on the first Monday of August, known as Cavalcade Day, a Bank Holiday in Alderney. It marks the vibrant inauguration of Alderney Week, featuring a delightful procession of elaborately decorated floats parading down Victoria Street towards the Butes, where a joyous fair awaits!

Inflatable Fun

The Fun Fair at the Butes is a lively event that promises excitement and inflatable fun for the entire family. Parents make sure to join in the fun!

Man-Powered Flight

Participants design and construct unique “aircraft” that rely solely on human power for flying across Braye Beaches Harbour… or try their best to. Anyway it’s great fun for participants and spectators alike.

Daft Raft Race

The Daft Raft Race is an exhilarating and playful event that unfolds at Braye Beach. Participants build unconventional and amusing rafts to take part in a race brimming with laughter and good-natured fun. It’s a light-hearted spectacle where creativity and humour blend together, leaving lasting memories for everyone involved.

Sand Castle Fun

The Sand Castle Building Competition on Brave Beach is a spirited event where participants unleash their creativity, transforming sand into extraordinary structures showcasing their talent and imagination. Come and show us your skills

Colour Party

Hosted at the Quarry, participants throw vibrant coloured powders into the air, creating a breath-taking explosion of hues, faces and clothes become colourful canvases so make sure to bring sunglasses!

Torch Light Procession

As Alderney week bids its farewell, the enchanting Torchlight Procession casts its spell, guiding a merry throng of people from the Island Hall, strolling along the path that leads to the Butes. There, amidst the flickering bonfire’s glow, fireworks explode in a kaleidoscope of colours in the night sky, with the enchanting tunes of live music, giving a magical end to the festivities.

Also on around Alderney week..

Leading into Alderney week, ROCK THE ROCK   Saturday 3 August,


An underground experience like no other, hundreds of party-goers in an underground German World War 2

QUARRY PARTIES 5th and 12th, The Quarry Parties in Alderney are extraordinary annual events, renowned as the biggest parties of the year. Held at the quarry, it features a licensed bar, a roaring bonfire, and DJ music that keeps the crowd dancing until the sun rises and beyond. This unforgettable celebration unites people in a night of joy and memories.

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